Protecta Smart armored doors

Armored doors PROTECTA SMART are a Security Favorite! They combine the exceptional structural strength and protection of Protecta doors with locking systems and the latest innovations and technological novelties of MOTTURA – Italy motorized locks.

Warranty: 5 years
Intrusion resistance
Assured installation

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    Features of Protecta Smart entrance doors

    SMART DOORS PROTECTA are created to combine at the highest level the strength and resistance to burglary of the entrance door with the latest innovations in locking – a combination in one of the mechanical and electronic motorized lock B NOVA of the Italian brand MOTTURA – world leader in production on locks for armored doors.

    Device of SMART armored doors PROTECT

    The construction is the same as that of PROTECTA armored doors, with a maximum level of security. The difference is in the locking system. In this case, a motorized lock is used.
    MOTTURA’s B NOVA with new features and access monitoring via BLE connection. The door can be unlocked in several ways:

    • fingerprint
    • keyboard
    • transponder
    • or mobile smartphone application B MOTTURA APP

    With the help of the application, it is easy to give and take away access from a distance and monitor the status of the door: open / closed. The application works securely and flawlessly.

    Every detail of this door is extremely safe and reliable.


    Appearance of the doors

    Veneered MDF panels with natural oak veneer are glued on both sides of the metal wing. The wing is veneered in the rebate area. Decorative frame and skirting boards are made of veneered MDF oak – they cover the wall and the metal frame of the doors.
    All armored doors have luxurious brass or stainless steel hardware – a static ball on the outside and a handle on the inside or two handles on both sides of the door. A rubber seal is placed between the leaf and the case on three sides of the door.
    An automatic threshold can be installed in the lower part of the door, which seals the distance between the floor and the door leaf when closing.

    Security level and locking mechanisms

    Armored doors PROTEKTA have a certificate of burglary resistance C4 according to BDS ENV 1629 2002 Prot. 717-4-15 / 13.08.2011. The level of security is determined both by the construction of the door and the quality of the locking mechanism. SMART DOORS PROTECT incorporate the latest global innovations in MOTTURA-Italy motorized locks, which are a set of quality mechanical locking systems with the latest products for managing and monitoring locks and doors. MOTTURA’s technology department designs and manufactures every single element of them with high quality and aims to be synonymous with uncompromising protection for any home or office.

    Choice of colors and finishes

    The choice of color and finish of the front door should be made in such a way that it suits the overall look of the home or building for which the door is intended.
    Protecta armored entrance doors are available in an extremely wide variety of wood colors, and you can also choose from all the colors in the RAL catalog.
    We will assist you to make the best choice for you.

    Conditions and deadlines for installation

    Depending on the volume of the order and the workload of the production at the time of your order, the period of production and installation of the door can be from one month to three months.
    Fast installation is also possible up to 7-14 days, but only if we have a door in stock matching your size and options that you prefer.
    The keys to your chosen MOTTURA – Italy locks and cartridges are received by you in person in a sealed form on the day of payment at the door one day before the installation date.
    The installation is paid for on the day of the installation after the door is installed.